Use An SEO Consultant

Why Use An SEO Consultant?

seo consultantProducing and sponsoring a successful website is not as simple as many new site owners might have originally thought. You need a good idea, you also need a good marketing strategy. A Search Engine Optimization consultant or SEO consultant can play an important part in guiding you to the most effective marketing.

The SEO consultant has a job that includes learning his customer’s marketing objectives and then constructing a plan to achieve those goals using the current internet tools and new and innovative internet tools. It is the consultant’s goal to optimize web pages using title tags and description metatags to promote more clicks. He has to make sure the pages have data that draws traffic and disseminates information to that visiting traffic. He will develop keywords and keyword phrases for content on the page.

A. He will facilitate the writing of original content, filling any content gaps and removing and updating all outdated content.

B. The consultant will work to increase page views and click through rates.

C. He must help the website attain Google top ten rankings for keywords on the home page, landing pages and blog posts.

D. He should do a competitor’s analysis, including reverse engineering competitor’s websites.

E. The consultant should identify and resolve technical issues such as crawl errors, 301/302 redirects, 404 errors, pagination and site map errors.

F. The consultant must stay abreast of internet trends: adhering to Google algorithm updates, avoiding the newest definition of ‘spam’ and following SEO best practices.

G. He also must keep track of the SEO budget, keeping it on target and prioritizing the projects.

H. The consultant should document changes by performing an SEO website Audit making note of benchmarks and baselines.

I. Insure the website is search engine friendly for people and automated search engines.

The SEO consultant has a monumental job with multiple facets. Planned properly, each aspect of his job can be completed to the satisfaction of his clients. He must possess marketing knowledge, technical expertise and an intense understanding of Google ranking standards. Combining all this knowledge will offer any client of the SEO consultant an advantage over his or her competitors. His advice will revive the failing website and push the successful website far ahead of its competitors. The changes he institutes could be simple and superficial or in depth and sweeping, but the end result is always to increase page views, deliver relevant content and improve ranking.